Administrative Service Offering (ASO)

Administrative Service Offering (ASO) Package for Businesses

What is an Administrative Service Offering?

An Administrative Service Offering, also known as an ASO, is a specialized third-party service that provides a range of business insurance, employee benefits, payroll, human capital management (HCM), and human resources (HR) services to businesses.

What are the Benefits of an ASO?

ASOs create strategic partnerships, assisting organizations with:

  • Streamlining employee benefits administration
  • Managing business insurance coverage
  • Handling critical HR functions, including talent acquisition, recruiting, onboarding and offboarding, employee engagement, and more
  • Processing payroll
  • Handling risk and compliance issues

An ASO partner essentially becomes an extension of an organization’s HR department. They provide an array of services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

What’s Included in GTM’s ASO Packages?

GTM offers an ASO with customizable business insurance coverage and employee benefit plans, a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) and payroll solution, and expert human resources outsourcing.

It’s transforming the way our clients do business.

Small and mid-sized businesses can create operational efficiencies, cut costs, and reduce their risks when they outsource employee benefits administration, payroll, HCM, and HR to GTM.

For larger organizations, an HR professional works with them to provide proactive solutions, including employee benefits design and administration, through integration with our state-of-the-art HCM platform that also delivers payroll management.

All packages include access to business insurance coverage, including workers’ compensation with pay-as-you-go, commercial property, business owner policies (BOP), employee practice liability insurance (EPLI), cyber insurance, and more.

Small Business Package (1-10 employees)


  • Payroll (online processing, check printing, tax filing, direct deposit, and report viewer)
  • Online onboarding (new hire forms and waivers, secure document storage of information, collection of important employee info such as Form W-4, direct deposit forms, Form I-9, and more)
  • Time and attendance (online time clock fully integrated with payroll system)
  • HR consulting with up to 8 hours per month for items including employee handbooks and compliance audits
  • Access to employee benefits design and administration through a complimentary Employee Navigator integration to streamline onboarding, open enrollment, and benefits management.
  • Access to business insurance coverage policies including workers’ compensation with pay-as-you-go aligning your premiums to payroll each pay period, disability insurance, commercial lines, and more

Core Package

11-50 Employees

Includes everything in the Small Business Package, plus:

  • Benefits enrollment and eligibility administration (online onboarding and open enrollment)
  • HR consulting with up to 40 hours per month for services including policy reviews, harassment training, and more.

Core+ Package

51-100 Employees*

Includes everything in the Core Package, plus:

  • Affordable Care Act reporting (FTE report, affordability report, lookback report, employee census reporting)
  • HR consulting with up to 60 hours per month for services including talent acquisition, leadership training, and more.
  • Access to additional business insurance coverage policies including paid family leave.

*For companies with more than 100 employees, GTM provides a customized ASO package to meet all payroll, HCM, HR, employee benefits, and insurance needs. Request a free quote for more information.

Why Outsource Your Benefits, Payroll, HCM, and HR?

Failure to properly manage functions related to your employee’s experience (payroll, benefits, workplace culture, etc.) can lead to increased employee turnover, headache-filled paper trails of inaccurate reporting, and non-compliance notices from state and federal governments.

Outsourcing employee benefits, payroll, HCM, and HR to a professional service provider can reduce costs, create efficiencies, and boost productivity, which means a healthier bottom line for your organization.

By streamlining administrative tasks, moving processes online, and eliminating paperwork, you can free up key personnel to focus on core business functions and strategic organizational needs and goals. You’ll help ensure accuracy and compliance with labor laws, reducing the risk of costly errors and penalties. And you’ll create a better employee experience to attract top talent, retain your top employees, and slash employee turnover

Smaller businesses often have fewer resources than larger organizations, potentially making it even more efficient to outsource certain payroll, HR, and HCM functions rather than keeping them in-house.

Why Collaborate With GTM as Your ASO Partner?

Based in the Capital Region for more than 30 years, GTM combines the latest in HCM technology, expert HR consulting, and customized business insurance and employee benefits with exceptional local support and training.

Clients work with a dedicated account manager who gets to know them and their business. Account managers are available directly by phone and email, eliminating general support email boxes and phone trees with long wait times.

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