2024 New York Paid Family Leave Resources for Employers

Jan 17, 2024 | Employee Benefits


New York State has published updated 2024 resources for employers to help communicate information about paid family leave to their employees.

New York State has published updated 2024 resources for employers to use in communicating information about paid family leave to their employees.

Employer Notice Requirements for Paid Family Leave

New York paid family leave requires employers to post a notice in the workplace (and electronically, on their website, or by email) to indicate their compliance with the program’s requirements. Employers with an employee handbook must include a paid family leave policy that outlines employees’ rights and obligations, including how to file a claim. Employers without a handbook must provide each employee a written notice regarding the employee’s rights and obligations under the program. In addition, employers must provide employees who take eight or more consecutive days of family leave with a written notice of their rights under the paid family leave law.

2024 Employer Resources

The following sample documents for 2024 were recently published on the New York paid family leave website:

Model Language for Employee Materials provides model language for employers to include in their handbook or other materials.

Employee Notice of Paid Family Leave Payroll Deduction for 2024 informs employees what their expected payroll deduction will be. The paid family leave program strongly recommends that employers notify employees before withholding contributions.

Statement of Rights for Paid Family Leave outlines employees’ paid family and medical rights and steps to apply.

PFL At-A-Glance provides a snapshot of the benefit, along with information on who can request it and how.

These materials are meant to assist employers in communicating information about paid family leave to their employees, and the resources can help employers meet their notice obligations under the program.

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